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Take control of the 'X52-ArkLight', a powerful spaceship and your homeworld's last chance of freedom
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31 January 2009

Editor's review

Our peaceful world has been invaded by Krainians and they have ruined our cities completely with some strange blockades of MetaCubes. But now to make a stand and restore world’s peace we need a pilot who can drive the `X52-ArkLight` a robust spaceship. So, if you would like to be the one and help world regain its peace and prosperity then try out the new ArkLight 1.15.0. It provides you an adventurous game that requires good and prompt hand-eye combination to succeed in it. In the quest to save the world you would have to blast the blockades, tanks, attack crafts and turrets by using the energy sphere, smart bombs, twin fire, with other such powers. It consists of fantastic 50 levels with difficulty increasing at each level while testing your coordination skills. Keep an eye on the energy level together with the tanks, blockades, etc coming your way.

The ArkLight is all about blasting different types of the hurdles while saving the energy till you complete every level. Creating a player profile, you’re presented the main menu to alter game options, learn how to play, and begin with the game. Using the ‘Options Menu’ feature you can select the screen mode, screen quality, sound volume and music volume, for the game. How To Play option gives you information about game controls, energy sphere, absorbing mode, MetaCubes, Krainian forces, and collectables. Select the Easy, Normal or Expert difficulty game mode, and you would be shown mission map with 50 levels to cross. Blast the MetaCubes, turrets, along with other hurdles while making your way through each level. You can absorb energy spheres to regain energy, as 0% energy level means game over. After each level the program would show you mission bonus and scores. Good timing in addition to coordination of energy level and time with movements is the key to complete the game.

You would get deeply engaged with the adventures offered in ArkLight, till the time you complete it. For the amazing graphical work, challenging game levels, followed up by uncomplicated game controls, the game is deservingly rated with 4 points.

Publisher's description

ArkLight takes the Arkanoid genre to a whole new world. Instead of controlling a bat on a screen full of bricks, take control of the 'X52-ArkLight', a powerful spaceship and your homeworld's last chance of freedom. Battle through 50 massive levels, blasting a path through the Krainian Empire's blockades, tanks, turrets and attack craft ! ArkLight is easy to pick up and play - power up energy spheres using the left mouse button, control and absorb them using the right mouse button. Full 30 day money back guarantee.
Version 1.16.2
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